Scatola del Tempo 7RT watch box

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Scatola del Tempo 7RT watch box with SwissKubik MasterBox winders.

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Seven watch case comprising three fully programmable SwissKubik MasterBox winder units, compartments for four watches fitted with bracelets or leather straps, and an extra compartment for straps and small accessories. Finished in fine Italian calf leather outside and inside. Silver coloured lid clasp. The 3 MasterBox winders operate independently and are each powered by 2 x C type alkaline batteries (or by USB), and connect by bluetooth to an iPhone/Android smart phone (or by USB to MAC or Windows) for programming.

Handmade in Italy. SwissKubik are made in Switzerland.

Size: 19cm x 30cm x 19cm

Weight: 3.1kg

Power supplyMains power or battery