SwissKubik MasterBox 8 Watch Winder - Leather


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Thanks to their cubic shapes, SwissKubiK watch winders can be joined and multiplied almost infinitely. Designed using your favourite colours, the watch winders of the Multiple Masterbox range are a magnificent and unusual element of interior design.

The SwissKubik MasterBox watch winder has been specifically designed for storing and winding all automatic watches.

The MasterBox guarantees a set number of rotations and rest periods per day as opposed to a continuous operation. It's direct brushless motor drive together with programmable electronic controls (configurable for a set number of turns per day - TPD) have been manufactured and tested using state of the art technology to obtain high reliability and long service life.

By default your SwissKubik MasterBox watch winder is programmed for a cycle of 950 turns per day (TPD) in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction (CW & CCW); this corresponds to most modern automatic watches available on the market. For older watches, collectors' watches or watches with specific characteristics you should follow the manufacturers specifications and program the appropriate number of turns per day (TPD), and their direction (CW and/or CCW), in your MasterBox using the included USB cable and the optional software interface available for both MAC and PC.

SwissKubik MasterBox's are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase. With it's low energy consumption (the unit uses 2 x standard LR14 alkaline batteries) it will provide continued operation for a period of several years if used with the default settings.

* Made in Switzerland

* Cube measuring 40 x 20 x 10cm

* Weight 6kg

* Each unit powered by two standard LR14 alkaline batteries

* Default setting of 1900 TPD, 950 CW & 950 CCW

* USB connection to software app to allow customised settings

* LED on/off switch flashes green every 5 seconds to indicate normal operation, Red flashing every 5 seconds gives 3 months warning that batteries need changing.

* 3 year world wide warranty

Large L size watch holder supplied as standard but small S size holder is available on request. Please indicate preference in the order comments.

Available in tan with white stitching.

Power supplybattery
Warranty3 Years