Döttling Colosimo Safe (double door version with 2 winders for 6 watches)


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$ 57,000.00

The steel doors with radial bolts made unauthorized access to these high-security vaults practically impossible. Inspired by these unique examples of American locksmith artisanship from the days of the Prohibition, Döttling has constructed – on a scale of 1:13 – the world’s smallest safe: Colosimo.

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Colosimo is the world’s smallest fully functional highsecurity safe.The following special features make it one of a kind:

- Hand-crafted from the best German steel (stainless)

- Special armored protection (as in our regular safes)

- Mineral glass to protect the safe mechanism

- 3-digit combination lock mounted on the outsideof the door

- 16 radial, specially hardened locking bolts

- 32 chromium-plated precision gearwheels


- Integrated Döttling watch winder (mains or battery-operated)

Power supplyMains power