Sea-Dweller, the definitive diver

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"ok, which watch to go with? And which strap to put on?"

Fortunately we are here to help you. We begin by suggesting one of the most iconic diving watches ever made, and we nominate the Rolex Sea-Dweller ref16600.

As a reminder, the Sea-Dweller was born in 1967 as a result of experiments with the famous French diving company COMEX. Their divers went to the limits of submersible pressure resistance, to more than 60 meters (it’s also the beginning of divers breathing with Trimix, a gaseous mixture enriched in helium to avoid the “drunken” effects of nitrogen at the depths involved). One problem they discovered was under the effects of decompression the air contained in the watch would rapidly expand resulting in the crystals explosively popping out. In addition to rendering the watch unusable for calculating decompression time, the explosion of the glass also could cause injury. Rolex therefore took a 5513, added a helium escape valve or HEV (a small valve allowing the lighter gasses to escape from inside the watch during the ascent) and the 5514 appeared. A prototype at COMEX - a new type of Submariner (rated for depths of 600m against the 200m for the 5513 at the time): the Sea-Dweller ref1665 was created. The ref16600 was delivered in 1989 with seals rated at 1220m (ref16660 corresponds to the transition between the ref1665 and ref16600, with its own aesthetic characteristics but using an older ref1665 movement).

So let's return to our holidays!! The destination is chosen, the reservations are made, but still no strap for your first dive, to enjoy the beach, match your swimsuit or drink a cocktail at the port. Here is our selection.

For your first dive: The RubberB V113, the best rubber strap available for Rolex (but also Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tudor and Panerai), here reviewed with a Velcro fastening system. A really comfortable wearing strap, a technical look that’s almost military and above all resistant to any situation. Ideal to go and see the seabed!

To go with your swimsuit: What better than a Nato or Perlon strap to change up the colours and be perfectly connected with your swimwear. Summer is conducive to using lighter colours so do not hesitate to go brighter.

To parade on the beach: Did the trend of "camo" catch your eye this winter? So why not an orange camouflage strap! Horus rubber camouflage straps will go perfectly with your watch while providing a nice touch of fun to go with your outfit, a guaranteed effect!

In the evening to drink a cocktail in the port, whether in love or just with friends, we offer one of the latest novelties from the French brand Avel & Men, the Hyères strap. 100% made in France with genuine leather and carbon/canvas sailcloth. A really chic and elegant nod to the world of sailing. Perfect for your summer evenings.

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