Le Mobilis - golden keychain


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$ 120.00

 Le Mobilis - gold finish keychain

Our keychains are all made of steel.

We highly recommend that you take the greatest care of them in order to avoid scratches and premature wear.

Any small imperfections or patina of the metal should not be considered as faults, but make up the beauty and uniqueness of each Le Boitier key ring.

In order to preserve your boxes:

  • Avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces.

  • Protect it from sources of moisture / light / heat / liquid / oily body.

  • Steel key ring. 

As with every watchmaking work, you still have the option of removing normal wear and patina from your keychain. To do this, you just have to send it for service in order to have it completely restored by us.

The purchase of a Le Boitier key ring includes a completely free service*:

You have the possibility of sending us your Boitier one year after the purchase date. 

If in addition to this free overhaul, you would like to send us the same key ring for overhaul a second time, a single refurbishment package of €39 will be applied to you. 

- Ring width: 3.8 cm

- Height key ring : 3.8 cm

- Key ring width : 4.3 cm


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Le Mobilis - golden keychain

Le Mobilis - golden keychain

 Le Mobilis - gold finish keychain