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Collecting Rolex Milgauss, Yacht-Master, Turn-O-Graph, Explorer I, Explorer II



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“Collecting Rolex Milgauss, Explorer I, Explorer II, Turn-O-Graphand Yacht-Master” by Mondani editions represents a new adventure, a journey through these models which nobody has yet “EXPLORED” in such depth.

Limited edition of only 2,000 copies – Attached are the updated estimates of all Rolex Milgauss, Explorer I, Explorer II, Turn-O-Graph and Yacht-Master watches –
Together with  “Rolex Submariner Story”, it is the world’s biggest book on Rolex watches.

This book is divided in 5 chapters, each of them dedicated to one of the following models: 
- Rolex Turn-O-Graph: Reminder of times past 
References 1625, 6202, 6206, 6309, 6609, 16250, 16253, 16258, 16263, 16264, 116261, 116263, 116264
- Rolex Milgauss: the Scientist's watch
References 1019, 6541, 6543, 116400, 116400GV 
- Rolex Yacht-Master: the Skipper's watch
References 16622, 16623, 16628, 116681, 116688, 116689, 168622, 168623, 168628, 169622, 169623, 169628 
- Rolex Explorer I: the reinforced Rolex
Referenze 1016, 5500, 5501, 5504, 5506, 5700, 5701, 6098, 6150, 6298, 6350, 6552, 6610, 14270, 114270, 214270 
- Rolex Explorer II: the Speleologist's watch
Referenze 1655, 16550, 16570, 216570 
A total of 50 references recount the whole production of these models that, today, represent a secure investment for collectors all over the world,  as well as a prestigious and beautiful object to wear. All references are described in the most minute detail, even examining those small features which determine big price differences on the market today,  such as: the graphics and evolution of all types of dials, the hands, bezels, case backs, different winding crowns, bracelets, calibers and historical aspect of all models. 
Together with the book, a useful insert is found which includes:
- “Updated estimates" of Rolex  Milgauss, Yacht-Master, Turn-O-Graph, Explorer I, Explorer II
- “Chronological table of production” to be able to find the year of production of your Rolex
- “Useful addresses for the collector” with the best contact to buy, sell and exchange Modern and Vintage Rolex.

Details of the book
Italian and English edition 
Guido Mondani Editore
276 pages, 31cm x 41cm
Authors: Franca and Guido Mondani, Gabriele Vittozzi and Paolo Spinello

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